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Pre-clinical Development Pipeline

Theracell is seeking to improve and enhance its therapeutic pipeline through constant research and development activities in the field of biotechnology with focus on biomedical applications. Our ultimate goal is to identify innovative therapeutic approaches to improve the quality of life through the practical application and commercialization of research products.

We have a long-standing collaboration with major academic and research institutions at national and international level, to promote novel ideas and discoveries. Translational research in medicine, life-sciences and biotechnology is a strong focus and commitment of our endeavors as we are seeking to transform research findings into safe and effective products that will enhance prevention, prognosis and treatment of disease.

The company actively participates in a large number of European academic and clinical research programs for products with potential for commercial application. Currently running research: The Nanoarthritis project, is an interdisciplinary project where Nanoparticles loaded with active compounds are manufactured by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), are screened in vitro at Theracell’s and are then pre-clinically tested in vivo at Democritian University of Thrace. Another promising project is Dinnesmin, where secretome from MSCs is evaluated for neuroprotective action by collaborators at the Foundation of Research and Technology (FORTH)in , Crete. For the BioNAMA project we collaborate with the Chemical Engineering department of NTUA to evaluate effects of extracts from microalgae on human cells exposed to stressors like Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) or inflammation, with the purpose of finding new leads for potential anti-aging applications.

Clinical Development Pipeline

There are a number of innovative ATMP therapies under clinical development in collaboration with our partner Orgenesis (www.orgenesis.com) and its global Network. These therapies are being developed in collaboration with international centers of excellence in the field of cell & gene therapies and will become available after marketing authorization is obtained.

Under this scope we conduct clinical research at various stages of development that concerns the products of our extended pipeline, in collaboration with major hospitals and clinical care institutions in Greece.