Cell-based hair regeneration


Theracell is currently working on the development of a new approach for hair regeneration. This treatment involves the collection of cells found around hair follicles in order to grow them in a lab. This cell-based hair follicle regeneration, is an injectable cell therapy product for hair regeneration through the creation of pre-follicular units, using a specific population of stem cells found in the hair follicle. The procedure is used for the generation of new hair follicles and the activation of existing ones.

The process is as follows:

  1. A small amount of hair follicles (10-20) is collected by the plastic surgeon.
  2. The samples are transferred to our GMP certified laboratories, where a special type of stem cells that reside within the hair follicle are isolated and cultured for several weeks. The purpose of this stage is to end up with a large amount of cells.
  3. After the cell expansion stage, the hair follicle stem cells are grown in a 3-D culture, in order to obtain pre-follicular units.
  4. These pre-follicular units are then injected into the scalp. The scope is to generate new hair follicles and to activate the existing ones.

The main advantage of the therapy is the fact that it is a minimally invasive and virtually painless technique.

Currently TC-CT-12131 is at preclinical stage.